Traceability makes Pentas a transparent business

In the context of Critical to Quality (CTQ), our customers attach great importance to information about aspects such as raw materials, assembly, product characteristics, quality, process or transport. That is why Pentas works with a tracking system in which all these topics are transparently mapped. What is made, when, from what, by whom and how: everything can be traced. This is due to the unique code that each of our products receives. This will be digitally linked to the entire product history, which is always available to our customers. This makes it possible to better guarantee the quality and reliability of our products.


Quality control thanks to a unique number

The moment a product in our factory leaves the rotational CNC mould, it receives a unique number. We attach this to the product with a QR sticker. Later on, we can choose to incorporate an RFID chip or integrate an indelible code using our unique laser engraving machine.

When the product is weighed or measured later, its data is linked to the unique number and stored in our central database. We also record the results of leak tests and other measurements. Assembly components, such as sensors, are also linked to the product number. This ensures that everything is open to view at any given time.

Certainty through traceability

Internally, we use real-time insight into our product information to optimise our process. We do this by constantly analysing the data. For example, all the machines, systems and sensors are connected to our ERP system so that we know exactly what the status is.

Suppose we find that a certain size is increasing, even though it is within the agreed tolerances. In this case we can take proactive action, improve risk management and avoid any problems in the future. This enables us to offer our customers even more certainty by continuing data analysis behind the scenes.


From production to delivery

At Pentas, we have found a unique way to incorporate the product number into our products, without it being worn out or erased: we use laser engraving. This ensures traceability in the field, from production to delivery and everything that follows.

The unique product number is also linked to the pallet number and the specific shipment during transport. By scanning the numbers with a tablet during loading, we can guarantee that a truck actually contains the ordered products specified on the delivery note. Even years after delivery, our customers can still see the details of our products.