Enthusiastic kids during Week of Technology

The week of technology brought some extra liveliness to the factory floor this week. On Tuesday and Thursday, Pentas was visited by elementary school ‘de Tandem’ and elementary school ‘de Letterveld’. A visit to Pentas has become an intrinsic part of the regionally organised ‘week of Technology’. Marthijn Koorn: “The organisation now approaches Pentas every year. Which is a good thing, because it means a lot to the students and our staff alike”.

“It is always fun to see what open questions the children come up with this time”, confirms his brother Wouter Koorn. “There were thirty students but it seemed like a hundred.” Still, that is what makes it so much fun. The children’s enthusiasm echoes throughout the factory. Actions that have become routine to us, suddenly cause wide eyes and exclamations of surprise.Despite the children only spending a couple of hours at the company, they were able to experience all of the relevant places. The day was kicked off at the renovated cafeteria where Wouter Koorn drew and retained their attention with his knowledge of and experience with technology. The day really took flight when the students were allowed into the factory which left quite the impression. “So big”, sounded surprised whispers, and indeed, the ovens, machines and mould storage are ‘big’, especially from the perspective of a child. They were then allowed to come closer to the machines and get an idea of how it all actually works, an important aspect of a day like this.

Of course, the children were mostly interested in experiencing what it would be like to work in technology. This wish was granted to say the least. They all got to finish their very own piggy bank by flaming it to bring the colour to life. And working with fire was clearly the adventurous highlight of the entire experience. “I want this to be my job”, echoed around the factory floor.

We love to hear that kind of enthusiasm, but we will have to wait and see. One thing is for sure: the students returned home with a better understanding of what technology is.