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Rotomoulding at Pentas

Pentas is one of the most modern and advanced companies in Europe when it comes to producing plastic rotational moulding products. We have 11 rotational moulding machines and 8 milling machines. Since our inception in 1975, we view technology as the basis for optimal delivery of client-specific plastic products. 

We consist of a team of 150 professionals with a passion for technology and are highly involved in the world around us. We look beyond technical specifications alone. We want our products to align perfectly with the client’s wishes while taking into account the end user and the impact of our products on the environment.

Check out these rotomoulding sections:

    Our rotomoulding method

    With over 50 years’ experience and more than 700 different plastic products, our method makes for a well-oiled machine. We can make anything up to a diameter of 2,500 mm and a length of 4,000 mm. Will you challenge us?

    Focus on sustainability, efficiency and quality

    Constant innovation makes our products increasingly lightweight and sustainable. And we go beyond that. For example, we are one of the first enterprises in Almelo that generates the power it needs for production with over 1,600 solar panels on the roof. And by focusing on efficiency, we limit the consumption of raw materials and energy. Quality is inextricably linked to this aspect. Our products meet the highest quality requirements as well as the wishes of our clients and end users in the long term. This is sustainable for the environment and the relationship with our clients.

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    Our approach

    We are extremely driven and want to be sure that everything goes exactly as we envision it. That is why we keep the entire process in house. From design to mould construction, moulding, finishing and logistic handling such as stock delivery and custom packaging. Of course, all our processes are assured according to ISO:9001 certified. A major benefit of this approach is that we are flexible and able to deliver custom work.

    Pentas worker using a 3D modeling software

    Informal atmosphere and short communication lines

    Involvement is an important value for our internal organisation as well. We have an informal atmosphere where everyone can be themselves and feels appreciated. Our short communication lines make it easy to stay agile and implement improvements to the process. The fact that we create the most innovative solutions together, as one team, stimulates us to go for it with a big smile on our faces every day.

    Pentas worker working with a fuel tube

    The well-oiled machine

    1. Phase 1: Drawing up the Programme of Requirements

      In order to define the development, it is important to draft a Programme of Requirements (PoR) that your product will have to meet.

    2. Phase 2: Conceptualisation

      The concept focuses on integrating functions and producibility as a plastic rotational moulding product. This phase results in the delivery of one or multiple concepts with a motivation and testing of the concepts against the PoR as well as a substantiation with design sketches.

    3. Phase 3: Analysis

      A risk analysis will be conducted in consultation with yourself. We will test whether the choice of material is suitable for your requirements.

    4. Phase 4: Engineering (Detailing of the design)

      Detailing of the plastic rotational moulding product is an important phase before we can proceed with mould construction and automation.

    5. Phase 5: Mould and automation

      Based on your final 2D and 3D CAD drawings of the plastic rotational moulding product, Pentas will start development and mould construction.

    6. Phase 6: Production

      Before Pentas takes your plastic rotational moulding product into mass production, the product and the process will have to be approved.

    7. Phase 7: Finishing and assembly

      This extension of the production of your plastic rotational moulding product requires associated steps to validate the process

    Working at Pentas

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