360° Fit exercising during working hours

At Pentas, we actively contribute to the vitality of our over 150 employees. With special attention to healthy nutrition and physical activity, we aim for a vibrant work environment. This commitment to a healthy work environment is reflected in various initiatives, including our sports program, 360° Fit.

What is 360° Fit?

In collaboration with TopSport Connect, we have developed 360° Fit, our own sports program during working hours. Under the guidance of professional Annemarie Heuvel, employees can work on their fitness and mental health.

"I am genuinely happy that I can exercise during working hours, taking a break and getting to know colleagues in a different way."

A solid foundation at 120°

The foundation of our sports program begins with 30 minutes of Core Stability. During this half-hour, we focus on the shoulders, knees, and lower back to reduce the risk of injuries. Even if you are already physically active during your work, it is important to train and strengthen your body.

Training at your level at 240°

In an intensive 30-minute session, we work on strength and cardio to become stronger. This training is ideal for clearing your mind, and you can adjust the exercises to your own level. Together, we strive for more strength and fitness.

Relaxing at 360°

While exercise is essential for overall fitness, our program goes beyond. We have added relaxation exercises to unwind both body and mind. Join in with yoga, meditation, or Tai chi exercises and completely relax.

We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback from our colleagues. They are particularly enthusiastic about exercising during working hours.

"It's wonderful to clear your mind, and then I go back to work with renewed energy."