Pentas Moulding and Produsoft join forces with WORKNC: Innovation and efficiency in rotational molding molds.

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Pentas Moulding B.V., a leading European company in the production of plastic products through rotational molding, and Produsoft, a specialist in production software, join forces with the implementation of the 5-axis CADCAM system WORKNC. This collaboration leads to a more efficient and flexible production of rotational molding molds.

In the ongoing pursuit of innovation and efficiency, Pentas Moulding has chosen WORKNC as their CADCAM system because of its ease of use and the quality that the software offers. The 5-axis CADCAM system WORKNC is specifically designed to simplify and accelerate the programming of complex parts. The software plays a crucial role in the production of complex rotational molding molds on the new 5-axis FOOKE Linear 411 Endura.

WORKNC is a ‘best-of-breed’ CAM software that generates reliable and efficient toolpaths. The software enables automatic machining and offers a wide range of 2-axis, 3-axis, 3+2-axis, and 5-axis machining operations. This allows users to achieve shorter production times and higher finishing quality.

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This collaboration between Pentas Moulding and Produsoft is exceptional because rotational molders typically do not have the facilities to produce molds in-house. However, Pentas decided to offer this service internally 20 years ago for the following reasons:

  1. Flexibility and speed: By having everything under one roof, Pentas can switch and adapt faster to changing circumstances.

  2. Quality: Since Pentas uses the molds themselves on their rotational molding machines, they know exactly what is needed for high-quality molds.

  3. Independence: By keeping the production of molds in-house, Pentas has full control over the supply chain and reduces risks.

About Pentas:

Founded in 1975, Pentas is a leading European company specializing in the production of plastic products through rotational molding. With 11 rotational molding machines and 8 milling machines, the team of 130 technical experts is committed to providing customer-specific solutions. Pentas goes beyond just technical specifications and takes into account the wishes of the customer, the end-user, and the impact on the environment.

About Produsoft:

Produsoft is a specialist in CAD/CAM software for milling, turning, wire EDM, and 2D/3D sheet metal processing. Founded in 1993, the company offers a range of products, including Edgecam, Visi, WorkNC, Peps, Radan, and CIMCO. With 12 employees and its headquarters in Maldegem, Belgium, Produsoft provides tailor-made solutions through their own development department in addition to international standard products.

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