Budde Industrie Design Visits Pentas Moulding

On Monday, March 4, Pentas Moulding had the pleasure of hosting the team from Budde Industrie Design, based in Münster, Germany. Budde, a renowned design agency specializing in transport design, industrial design, and consumer products, visited us to deepen their expertise in rotational molding and gain insight into our processes.

The program focused on exchanging knowledge about the latest techniques and innovations in rotational molding. Through an extensive presentation and a tour of our facilities, the Budde team gained a comprehensive view of our production line. They were introduced to the entire process, from the receipt of raw materials, through rotational molding and post-processing, to the final packaging for transport. Special attention was given to our mold-making department, where we design and manufacture molds for rotational molding, enabling us to quickly transition from design to serial production. We have the entire process under one roof.

Collaboration with Budde Industrie Design

Previously, we collaborated with Budde on designs for agricultural machinery, where tanks and fenders were incorporated as integral visible parts of the machine design. This collaboration highlighted the high-quality finish and design freedom that the rotational molding process offers.

As a token of appreciation, we received from Mrs. Budde a basket full of local delicacies from the Münster region, including a homemade cake with the recipe. A beautiful gesture that demonstrates the unique charm of a family business.

At Pentas Moulding, we are eager to share our passion for rotational molding and are open to visits. Annually, we welcome designers, students from technical programs, and even elementary school children to teach them more about this specialized production method.