More than a thousand products: The versatility of rotational moulding

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Daan Buitenhuis


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At Pentas, we take pride in the wide range of products we can manufacture using our rotational moulding process. Rotational moulding is an extremely versatile technique used in numerous markets and countries. Our products range in weight from 500 grams to 100 kilograms, and the applications are just as diverse. Whether it’s urinals for events, fuel tanks for agricultural machinery, buoys at sea, or water tanks in campers – our production currently exceeds a thousand unique products. In this article, we provide an overview of some of our most remarkable and versatile products.

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    Water tanks

    Water tanks are an excellent example of hollow products that are perfectly made through rotational moulding. In campers and caravans, these tanks are used to store drinking and wastewater. For drinking water tanks, we use certified materials to ensure water quality, while for wastewater tanks, we use recycled materials for a better environment. Additionally, our water tanks are also used in road construction for cooling asphalt rollers and even high in offshore wind turbines as part of damper packages.

    Diesel tanks

    Designing diesel tanks is a complex process that must take into account regulations, available space in the machine, and the forces at play during use. Our technical team uses advanced 3D software to design tanks and conduct simulations to ensure a perfect fit. Every diesel tank we produce receives a special certification after tests at TÜV in Berlin, where they are assessed for fire safety, impact resistance, and durability. Besides diesel tanks, we also manufacture oil tanks and AdBlue tanks.

    Baggage trays

    For airports worldwide, such as those in Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver, Dubai, Bangkok, Incheon, and Shenzhen, we produce baggage trays designed to transport suitcases safely and efficiently. These trays need to be robust and are designed to withstand a fall from a 50 kg suitcase from a height of two meters without damage. Our special foam technique ensures that the trays are solid and impact-resistant.

    Buoys and marker lines

    A surprising innovation in our product range is buoys and marker lines. These are used to mark swimming areas and shipping routes. Normally, you would need a separate mould for each buoy, but thanks to our smart mould design, we can produce multiple types of buoys from a single mould, saving costs and storage space.


    Our fenders are double-walled and therefore very sturdy. They fit seamlessly with the hood, a precision that can only be achieved with our CNC-milled moulds. We produce fenders for tractors and trailers, for example.

    Shower and toilet cabins

    Are you a festival-goer? Then chances are you have used our toilet cabin, the Pentalet. This cabin, along with our shower cabins, is multifunctionally deployable at events. In 1992, we introduced a urinal that received both a prestigious German award and international recognition for industrial design. Subsequent versions build on this success.

    Although we no longer produce these specific toilet cabins, we still manufacture various other products for the events industry, such as picnic table legs, urinals, coin boxes, and counter barriers.

    Air ducts

    In the production of plastic air ducts for agricultural machinery and air conditioning systems in buses, we use special techniques to achieve complex shapes. For air ducts exposed to high temperatures, we use Polypropylene, for which we have developed specific processing techniques.


    We make custom enclosures for various devices, such as welding machines. Our plastic enclosures provide full protection, are lightweight and fire-resistant, and can withstand impacts both indoors and outdoors.

    At Pentas, we continue to innovate and expand our product portfolio. The rotational moulding process allows us to meet the most diverse and demanding specifications. By continually utilizing new techniques and materials, we can produce more than a thousand unique products that contribute to various industries worldwide.

    Daan Buitenhuis portrait

    Daan Buitenhuis