Pentas Welcomes status holders

Thursday, February 8th - Today, we welcomed a group of 50 status holders and civic integration teachers at Pentas Moulding. In collaboration with the ROC van Twente, Aqua+, Novon, Kleurrijk & Niverplast, we organized for the third time a company tour along various enterprises in Twente. The tour was focused on discovery and orientation, aiming to give the status holders a better understanding of the employment opportunities within the region and to support them in taking the first steps towards integration into the Dutch labor market.

Introduction to Twente Companies

The tour provided participants with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Twente companies that create opportunities for status holders. Aman, a status holder and employee at Pentas, shared his personal experiences and provided insight into his own development path. This gave a clear picture of the integration possibilities within Pentas.

Tour at Pentas

The tour started at Pentas, where the status holders first received an introduction about the company and its various activities. This introduction was followed by a tour of the factory. During this tour, participants gained insight into the various roles and the company culture within Pentas. We hope that the visit has helped them form a better understanding of the opportunities we offer at Pentas.

Visit to Other Companies

In addition to Pentas, the status holders and civic integration teachers also got to know Aqua+, Novon, Kleurrijk Nijverdal & Niverplast. By visiting these companies, active in various sectors, the status holders were able to get a broad view of the career opportunities in the region.

Thanks to all the status holders and civic integration teachers for your visit. We are proud to be part of this wonderful initiative!