Pentas Welcomes ROC Teachers Tour

Last Thursday it was time: the teachers' tour organized by the ROC of Twente. During the tour, various Twente companies that offer opportunities to status holders, welcomed integration teachers and client managers from the municipalities of Almelo, Wierden, and Rijssen.

The Purpose

The tour was aimed at gathering knowledge from the business world. Besides language lessons, there are numerous competencies that are valuable for students. During the tour, the integration teachers discovered which specific business competencies these are, enabling them to better align their teaching with practice.

Getting to Know Companies in Twente

The tour also offered a great opportunity to get to know companies in Twente that actively provide opportunities to status holders. Aman, an employee at Pentas, shared his personal experiences and provided insight into his learning journey, the challenges, and successes on his path to integration and development within Pentas.

Integration teachers examine the FOOKE milling machine.

Visit to Pentas

We started the day with a presentation about Pentas, highlighting both its history and current activities. Special attention was paid to how Pentas offers opportunities to status holders. After the presentation, there was a tour of the factory, where the teachers saw various workplaces and opportunities for students.

Other Companies

Visited In addition to Pentas, the teachers and client managers of integration also visited Aqua+, Novon, Kleurrijk Nijverdal and Niverplast.

Looking Forward

Soon we will welcome the status holders from the ROC of Twente's learning trajectory. We are looking forward to a fruitful morning.

Thanks to all integration teachers and client managers for your visit!