Eleventh rotational moulding machine makes the process even more sustainable

In a short time, we have expanded our machinery with the eleventh rotational moulding machine. This machine has been specifically developed for large batch productions. Since we believe that, in addition to efficiency, sustainability is also very important, we have opted for a machine that is energy-efficient and requires little maintenance. With this expansion and the 1670 solar panels, rotational moulding is becoming increasingly sustainable.

The new machine, from the Reinhardt brand, is equipped with a high-efficiency gas burner. Furthermore, the walls have been provided with innovative insulation material. Despite an oven temperature of 400°C, the exterior of the wall remains so cool that you can touch it with your bare hand. Director Marthijn Koorn:

“We believe it is important to contribute to the energy transition. That is why we continuously invest in solutions that save energy. In addition, thanks to the specially developed automation around the machine, we can now achieve a higher output.”

Sophisticated method

An increase in demand, particularly for products in large batches, makes the expansion of the machinery necessary. In cooperation with the supplier, we have extensively automated this machine. For example, we have developed an automatic unloading system for the moulds, and the moulds are also filled automatically. In addition, this machine runs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. A significant part of our expertise consists of automation, but it also involves technical know-how and craftsmanship. In this way, we control the entire process, from the design brief, concept formation, risk analysis, engineering, mould construction, and production to assembly and packaging.

Demand for additional employees

The rotational moulding machine runs in three shifts, five days a week. This expansion of our production capacity also means a growing demand for new employees. Not only operators for the rotational moulding machines, but also for the construction of the moulds. So be sure to have a look at our job vacancies.