The complete product, ready for use.

watertank doppenAn important part of our work at Pentas consists of assembling products. Pentas does more than just producing your rotationally moulded plastic products. For example we can provide your products with screws, meters, motors and / or stickers. We can offer the possibility that we finish and assemble your products, so that you can be relieved therein.



The activities in this department range from mounting a single screw to the installation of level meters, sensors up to complete control panels. We combine the individual components to complete systems that can easily be connected on location. Thus Plug & play. All products are thoroughly tested before they are packed and sent. To give you an idea a list is made of the most common operations:

  • Assemble of parts onto the products
  • Merging parts to a complete product
  • Applying stickers on products
  • Product polishing
  • Packaging of products in which they are equipped with manuals, brochures, price stickers and such.

In addition to in-line mounted rework robots, which guarantee a constant quality, Pentas also offers the option for manual (sub-) assembly of parts, sometimes in collaboration with external partners. Pentas is able to deliver complete assembled products Just-In-Time so it can be directly used on your assembly line. Everything you would expect from a TÜV certified company here at a glance.


Why assemblage at Pentas:

vinkje Unburdening: We can relieve you by taking care of the entire process, from your supplier to your customer. This could include possible input inspections, communication with the supplier, input inspections on quality and quantity fields and / or stock management of spare parts.
vinkje Consistently good quality: In advance we discuss the requirements that your product must meet, so we know exactly the quality you are expecting. Then we determine in consultation with you, the best assembly method and sequence. Both the quality requirements and the assembly method are registered so that we can always provide you with the same and identical product.
vinkje All your assemblage at a single address: We can help you with complex assembling operations that require extra care and attention or in which a bit of product engineering is desirable, but we also provide simple assembly work. The assignments can vary from single pieces to large series.
vinkje Flexibility: Pentas thinks along with you, we can quickly adapt to your needs and ideas. If desired, there may even be an entire assembly line or repacking line specifically designed for you.
vinkje Favorable pricing: Pentas is able to use competitive prices thanks to an efficient work approach and deploying the right people.


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