Podium spot at suppliers day of global concern Claas

‘Most innovative supplier of 2016′ nomination for Pentas on the Claas Suppliers’ day

On Wednesday January the 19th 2017, Claas presented for the thirteenth time the ‘Supplier of the Year’ award. All nominees, of the in total five categories of this award, were announced on this day. For each category three companies were nominated.

Pentas, the rotational moulding specialist, was nominated in the category ‘most innovative supplier of 2016’. The nominees were drawn up on the basis of suggestions from employees of Claas, after which a jury determined the final nominations.


Pentas and innovation

Technological innovation is highly prioritized within Pentas. This has led to fundamental changes in the production process, resulting in suitable solutions for customers. With our creative and motivated team of engineers Pentas creates advanced solutions such as automated robotic systems and 100% leak free-tests for tanks. Pentas also has an advanced production lane and its own ERP system, the product is followed throughout the entire process. These and other innovations resulted in more efficient everyday operations and innovative product solutions which benefits the customer.


Jury rapport

The nominees for this prestigious innovation prize, besides Pentas, were Linde Hydraulics GmbH (for their innovative engine design) and Agrikon Kam Kft. (for their innovative cab logistics solution). Ultimately Linde, in addition to their Silver Medal for Innovation Argitechnica, won the “Supplier of the Year ‘award in the innovation category.


Proud of the podium position in this global company

Podium spot at suppliers day of global concern Claas

Pentas is particularly proud of the nomination by the in Harsewinkel-seated market leader. Ruud Koorn, director of Pentas, agrees: “Taking a podium place like this one is a recognition for our professionalism and on how we run our business, and a confirmation of the fact that we belong to the top of our field.”

“Why Pentas is nominated? I think it has to do with our creativity and vision that we want to be a leading supplier in the field of rotated plastic products. We are problem solvers who, by providing high quality plastic products and providing comprehensive technical support at all stages of the production process, come up with solutions that fit the client needs. ”

Koorn:”Pentas creates plastic solutions through the rotational molding technique for medium and large companies with serious ambitions”. “We are not interested in onetime contacts. We focus on long-term relationships, so we can really get to know the customers’ products. This in order to achieve more efficiency for both parties.


About Pentas

Pentas Moulding BV is a technical and innovative company that creates custom-made plastic products and components by using the rotational molding technique. Pentas is one of the most modern and sophisticated businesses in Europe on the field of the production of plastic products by means of rotational molding. In many cases entirely according to the customer specifications. Pentas owns 9 rotational molding machines, 8 milling machines and has more than 80 skilled workers.