Pentas proclaimed ‘Supplier of the Year 2018’ of CLAAS Corporation

CLAAS, the well-known German manufactorer of agricultural machinery, has awarded Pentas Moulding the title ‘Supplier of the Year 2018‘. Patrick Claas awarded the prize for best supplier of 2018 on behalf of the Claas family to the company from Almelo on Wednesday, January 16th. This happened during the annual supplier day of CLAAS in Harsewinkel.

With this prestigious award, CLAAS expresses her trust and appreciation to her supplier Pentas Moulding. The collaboration between the two parties began with the creation of a fuel tank 15 years ago, and resulted in a portfolio as a supplier of various rotational moulding parts for different locations in Europe and the US. This includes, among other things, air ducts, fuel tanks, water tanks, mudguards and even fan housings for CLAAS machines.


Proud of the overarching award

Marthijn Koorn, Commercial & Financial Manager at Pentas: “There are four sub-categories in which, as a supplier of CLAAS, you can win this award: Quality, Innovation, Logistics and Service. In 2016 and in 2018 we received a nomination for the title ‘Most innovative supplier’. This year, we were even elected as the ‘Supplier of the Year’ from the 850 suppliers that CLAAS has. We are very proud of that, of course!”


This relationship has been so well developed over the years by the fact that both CLAAS and Pentas have invested in the relationship. This is done, among other things, by looking up the limits in product and process scope, stimulating innovation, and always being prepared to learn. For Pentas, this has led to developing a new fuel tank in collaboration with CLAAS last year that has exceptionally good features.


Weight reduction in tanks

Pentas is very innovative in the field of product development and that was an important reason why the company from Almelo won. By using smart computer algorithms (Finite element method), CLAAS and Pentas have mapped the dynamics that occur with such a tank. By combining this information with extensive process developments in the rotational moulding process, both parties have been able to develop a new fuel tank that is not only stronger, but also more than 25% lighter, which is not only important for costs and the environment, but also for the land tax on farmers in the fields.


Global player in the rotational moulding industry

Additionally, Pentas can, in collaboration with Custom Roto Mold LLC, an American rotational moulder with its head office in Benson Minnesota, deliver this product not only in Europe, but also to the Omaha location. The cooperation between these two parties started in 2016 and has been fruitful for quite some time. “Working with Pentas enables us to make better use of creativity, experiences and resources,” says Corey Claussen, president of Custom Roto Mold. “This award confirms the beautiful results of our collaboration”


Raising the bar

Marthijn Koorn: “Over the years, we have constantly improved our quality and we offer a very high level of delivery reliability, according to the jury report. We thank CLAAS for the lofty words and our employees for the work they have done to earn this award. Every day, they raise the bar a bit higher and this beautiful award proves that. Of course, it does not end here. We continue to work together on innovative ideas that help us to bring better products to the market faster, in order to further accelerate growth. ”


About Pentas

Pentas Molding B.V. is a technical and innovative company that manufactures tailor-made plastic products and parts through rotational moulding. Pentas has grown from a company whose main task was to produce surfboards to a company that produces over 700 different plastic products. We have been producing since 1975 and therefore have decades of experience in producing tailor-made plastic products for our customers. We are able to produce products up to a diameter of 2,500 mm and a length of 4,000 mm. For an overview of products that we have already produced, please visit our product page. Pentas is the largest in the automotive sector. For this industry we produce, for example, all kinds of tanks with complex shapes that fit perfectly within the available space in the vehicles.



CLAAS is a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer with its roots in Harsewinkel, Oost-Westfalen in Germany. The family business was founded there in 1913 and is still the main production site and ‘Stammsitz’ of the group. In Harsewinkel, mainly self-driving harvesters like combines and self-driving hay choppers are produced. With its combines, CLAAS is the European market leader and the company produces these worldwide. For example, combines and related parts are assembled in the USA, Russia, Hungary, India and China. With its well-known CLAAS Jaguar hay choppers, they even are a worldwide market leader.


The South German Bad Saalgau is the competence center for the development and production of harvesting machines for green fodder production. In Metz, France they have specialised in baling presses and in Le Mans, a wide range of tractors is produced. This broad spectrum of products makes CLAAS a true harvest specialist.

Besides the core activity, agricultural technology, the company is also active in the field of industrial technology and supply. In 2018, the CLAAS Group (with a revenue of approx. 4 billion) purchased raw materials, components and services from its more than 850 suppliers, worth approximately 1.34 billion euros.