Pentas Moulding is growing!

A title that we could use all year round. Whether it concerns; new contracts, optimizations, more machine capacity or improved supplier evaluation. But also Pentas Moulding is growing physically in the last months of 2015. 1200 m2 is added to our building in Bedrijvenpark Twente (Business Park Twente) in Almelo.


New building expansion

After the last few years to have heavily invested in the expansion of oven capacity, automation and associated finishing lines, the new expansion now befalls to the Quality Assurance departments, Molds Storage and to ‘Warehouse finished product’.


Rotomoulding system supplier

Pentas Moulding is for a growing number of customer’s system supplier. The product finishing process consists thus often of a complete assembly to a semi-finished product. For the customers this complete product can be assembled on the assembly line Just In Time.
‘Warehouse finished product’ has (in the new production hall) significantly more capacity for these semi-finished products, in order to guarantee a high percentage of Just-In-Time deliveries.


Quality assurence rotational moulding

The importance of an accurate delivery, sustainability and the role of quality assurance in it have become more important than ever. Quality assurance will also use the new expansion of the building for all kinds of measurements, tests and to carry out accurate sustainability- and drop tests, also periodically for monitoring the process control.


The new expansion from the air

With a drone aerial shots are made of our building. Also the expansion that is under construction is beautifully captured.

Created by Ruben van der Laan.


Want to bring a vistit to the new expansion?
Contact us and we pleasantly would give you a tour.