Pentas Moulding expands again

In 2015, we already expanded the premises of Pentas Moulding at the Twente Business Park in Almelo by 1,200 m2. As we continue to grow as a company, we are expanding again by 1,200 m2 this year to support the growth of recent years. We are building a new production hall on the northwest side of our building, which will be built along the railway line.


Space for extra machines

The expansion of the production environment at Pentas means that we can take 3 additional rotational moulding machines into use. This is a good time for us to invest in the rest of our machinery. For example, we have purchased new robots for the finishing of our products and leak testing equipment that allows us to offer our customers a 100% leak-proof guarantee on all tanks. The demand for tanks for water, diesel and AdBlue is rising sharply. As a result, we are now moving from 6 to 7 leak testing machines. In this way, we can continue to guarantee top quality.


Music: Maarten Bonder


Robots for repetitive work

Many parts that come out of the mould at Pentas are not yet ready for shipment. For example, it is often necessary to mount screws, hoses, caps, etc. on it. In addition, it is increasingly common for milling and drilling operations to be carried out on projects. These operations are carried out by ABB robots, which are very fast and very precise. In this way, we can be confident that this repetitive work will be handled optimally and cost-efficiently.



No less than 1.600 solar panels

Pentas has a sustainable vision of the future. We see plenty of opportunities through the expansion of 2015 and that of 2019. Sixteen hundred solar panels will be placed on our roof of about 3,000 m2 in total. This will enable us to generate a great deal of energy in an environmentally friendly manner. These solar panels provide a total of 495,000 MWh of revenue per year.