How the luggage tray transports your belongings at Heathrow Airport.

The plastic luggage trays, which Pentas produces for Vanderlande Industries are specially designed for transporting and storing luggage at airports. Tags are concealed within the luggage trays through which it is possible to locate each tray. You don’t often get to see how the transportation of luggage is organized at airports The Daily Mail had the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes at the transportation of your baggage at Heathrow Airport.


Luggage trays in Terminal 5

Luggage trays heatrow

Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is the biggest single-terminal baggage handling system in Europe.  Heathrow contains 30 miles (approximately 48km) of conveyor belts with 2.8 miles of tunnels, 44 baggage reclaim belts and around 53 million bags processed every year.  The large tunnel was built to try to ensure that every passenger at the airport was reunited with their baggage, regardless of which terminal they fly to and this cost £26million (approximately €32 million).In terminal 5 up to 4,000 bags can be stored in this facility up to three hours prior to a departure and can manage up to 12,000 bags a day. A new improved T3 baggage system will increase the terminal’s baggage handling capacity from 5,200 to 7,200 bags per hour.


Fast-track network

Terminal 5 consists out of a large conveyor belt-based handling system overlaid with a fast-track network. When the bags are entered into the system by the staff of the airline at the check-in desks , it goes through the network of conveyors to a collection chute for processing by baggage handling staff.

Source: Daily mail