‘Just in sequence’ takes ‘just in time’ a step further

What is Just in Time?

Just in time (JIT) is a logistics method for inventory control that belongs to lean manufacturing and is originated in Japan. It means supplying “just in time” of what the customer needs.

Due to short communication lines between the customer and Pentas it became possible to align manufacturing and supplying on such a way that there is hardly any to no stock needed. Products are delivered just on time so that the customer can use the delivered products directly on their assembly lines. This ultimately results in the elimination of inventory costs and other direct related cost.


What is Just in Sequence?

The just-in-time concept was further developed into a more advanced delivery process called Just in Sequence (JIS). Components and parts arrive at a production line right in time as scheduled before they get assembled. Feedback from the manufacturing line is used to coordinate transportation to and from the process area. For example, our customers want to ensure not only to have enough tractor fenders at the right time, but enough blue, red or any other color fenders precisely when they need them. If the plant is making a blue, a white, a black and a red car in that order, it has to know that blue, white, black, and red doors will also arrive in that sequence.

fenders in all possible colors

With JIS, the cost of getting parts in the correct sequence shifts from the factory worker to the supplier. With JIT, companies reduce warehousing costs by leaving inventory with suppliers, who are then expected to deliver them at the right time.  When implemented successfully, JIS improves a company’s return on assets (ROA), without loss in flexibility, quality or overall efficiency. JIS is mainly implemented with automobile manufacturing and is gaining traction among leading manufacturers in other industries.


Pentas Moulding can now supply products in sequence

just in sequencePentas Moulding, forwarder and its customers have worked together to enable just in sequences for the past year. This resulted in Pentas now allowing parts and sub-assemblies received in sequence, to be delivered to production stations as they are needed, in the sequence they will be consumed. We are supporting In-line vehicle inventory, Just-In-Time inventory and other best practices. As a result, you can balance workloads on the production line and at the same time reduces the work in progress, inventory and lead times.

The Pentas JIS solution is a comprehensive just-in-sequence system that is closely linked with production and covers the entire JIS processes – from the receiving of call-off data via EDI to sequencing and from on-demand production control to the implementation of traceability and logistics requirements. The JIS-solution of Pentas will seamlessly fit into an existing infrastructure.