Hard work pays off; Pentas receives quality recognition

Claas Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH from Harsewinkel in Germany rewarded Pentas Moulding with its continuous quality improvement program by awarding the Quality Target Achievement Certificate. This certificate indicates that the jointly developed set of quality goals for 2016 have been met.



Climbed up to the 8th place

Claas has also announced its annual suppliers audit and ranked Pentas on the 8th place for best performing suppliers. This audit assesses the hundred most important suppliers of Claas on their delivered quality, logistics, costs, innovation and motivation.

There is no greater honor for Pentas possible than a customer who is satisfied with the quality. For Pentas is quality an uncompromising priority; it is a continuous improvement process that is supported by several pillars: customers, employees, automation, suppliers, innovation and process control. That Pentas has received this important quality award only gives an enormous boost to the drive to achieve perfection.



Our customer and the end user are the ones that judges our quality. Their opinion regarding the quality of our products and services is key. The close collaboration with our clients ensures that we understand where the wishes and expectations lie. By combining the expectations with our experience and expertise we can achieve the desired quality.



Despite the high degree of automation the people at Pentas Moulding are making the difference. In the rotational molding process a lot of human influences are involved. By investing in people through training / courses, creating a good working environment and by bringing ideas from the floor in practice, everyone comes into its full potential. Together we work on the higher goal of producing 100% error-free.



Within Pentas in-house engineers and programmers are continuously working on optimizing and automating our production, with the aim of providing increasingly efficient and effective solutions for our customers.


This has been expressed over the years in various ways, such as automatic unloading and filling of molds but also the efficient and quick changes between molds. In the finishing process Pentas has been working for 20 years with robots to finish machined products. The advantages are reflected in consistent quality and lower costs.

In addition to the use of robots the custom-made tools to help and support the post-processing efficiently with consistently high quality contributes. Because Pentas has his own mould and tool construction, this tool are fabricated internally. This has the advantage that the tools can Be made in a quick and cost-effective way.



Suppliers of Pentas contribute to the success of a good product. Business such as on time delivery according to the agreed quality and quantity are basic things that should be in order anyway. Suppliers of Pentas also excel in innovation, collaboration and of service.


Pentas has inter alia customers in the agricultural, automotive and medical sectors, which are provided Just In Time (JIT) or Just in Sequence (JIS). The products that are in the trucks on transit to the customer are on arrival directly used in the assembly line. It’s a big responsibility by Pentas to supply its clients on time in order to do not disrupt the assembly line.


This high degree of reliability would never have been succesfull by Pentas without having reliable suppliers. A lot of time is spent on selecting our suppliers, which not only costs has to be taken into consideration but also the quality, innovation and reliability.



Besides automation of production processes innovation in products also contributes to our success. The limits of the traditional rotational molding is continuously challenged by Pentas. By looking in different ways to our existing production machines, knowledge and experience, products that at first did not fit in productions process, new solutions are created in order to be able to produce them. Examples of these are products with, for example, troublesome undercuts, large numbers / sizes or products which have to operate under extreme conditions. But also innovative laser techniques are used to apply unique codes on the product. These IDs can be used later for traceability purposes, the customer can request information from that particular product. This can be information about instance production times, weight, dimensions and temperatures.


Process control

By means of statistics Pentas is working hard on manageable processes. By making use of sensor / measurement analysis and quality control pentas monitors the entire process, from raw materials to the delivierie. All the data that is generated from PLC’s, sensors, and input from the production is collected in a large database and used for real-live analyzes. The results of these analyzes can be found in quality control and process optimization.

In addition to using these statistical techniques, the process is made more manageable by applying lean tools such as Poka Yoke. In the design phase potential production / assembly risks are already considered in thay way with smart designs the risk of error can be eliminated.

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