Design Collaboration

Design is a creative process that requires certain skills that are based upon our ability to react to our environment with the creation of a mechanism, tool or device. This enables us to improve our lives and our environment through changes that better reflect our needs as Pentas Moulding is doing by creating innovative products.
Historically seen most significant inventions and designs have been developed by individuals, however nowadays products include complex subsystems that requires specialized skills that only can be fulfilled by specialists.

The challenge in any product development program lies in a well-managed collaboration of individuals, working together as an integrated team achieving a common goal.
The requirements Pentas sets for a product development program are; a well thought out project plan, a competent development team and skilled managers.


Project plan

The project plan consists out of objectives, resources, schedule and specification associated with the product. Essential for the project is a clear set of objectives, as it provides direction to the common vision. Evaluation of the objectives should be based on resources such as funding, staff, expertise, equipment and supplies.  A schedule is critical to the success as it influences the project costs, risks and decisions made throughout the development cycle.


Development staff

Without a competent development team the planning and strategizing is worthless. It isn’t easy to select creative, well-educated individuals who are able to work together and who openly exchange ideas. It requires time to assemble a team of dedicated people who are self-motivated and optimistic in achieving the set objectives. Overcoming challenges such as extremely challenging technical parameters for a new revolutionary rotational concept requires competent mechanical engineers, materials experts and manufacturing engineers.


Skilled managers

The type of cooperation outlined in the development staff is the responsibility of the program manager.  The manager should be qualified with integrity, vision, dedication and be decisive. It’s the managers task to integrate all ingredients of a project in a coordinated and efficient process and to maximize the use of resources within all the limitations of the project