Aldermen give the signal to the Pentas Molding sunroof

On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, the Almelo aldermen Maathuis of Economic Affairs and Van Mierlo of Sustainability gave the go-ahead for the coming into operation of the solar panels on the roof of Pentas Molding. In total there are 1660 solar panels on the roof, with which Pentas generates sustainable energy for its own use.


Climate neutral in 2050

According to Alderman Van Mierlo, this step by Pentas ensures that the goal of the municipality of Almelo is one step closer: by 2050 being climate neutral. “That is not just an assignment for the government, but for the whole of Almelo, including the business community. As a city administrator, I am incredibly happy with this Pentas Molding initiative. ”

Power for 200 households

The energy generated is primarily used for the production of our own plastic products. Marthijn Koorn, commercial and financial manager of Pentas: “We are a large-scale user, so we can use the 0.5 megawatt per year that we generate here well. The factory is closed at the weekend and the electricity generated flows back into the electricity grid. With this, we can supply around 200 households with electricity. ”

The 1660 solar panels are made possible in part by an SDE grant. Koorn: “We were broadly oriented when we started this process. Initially we were also slightly skeptical. I am now convinced that sustainability is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. ”Entrepreneurs considering sustainability measures, Koorn likes to talk about the opportunities and possibilities.