9 Benefits of plastic rotomoulding

There are several reasons to choose rotational moulding instead of other techniques. Whatever plastic products you want to make, almost everything is possible through rotational moulding. We would like to discuss the advantages of rotational moulding, so that you can gain more insight in these advantages. Based on these benefits, you can then decide whether rotomoulding may be a solution for you. We’ve compiled a list of 9 advantages of plastic rotomoulding for you.


1.  More freedom in design

With rotomoulding you opt for a high degree of freedom of design. This means that through rotational moulding we can produce almost every plastic product, in different shapes, types and sizes. In other plastic production processes complex shapes and angles are difficult to make. The great advantage of rotomoulding is the consistent wall-thickness of the plastic end product. Undercuts in the product can be well absorbed by mould parts that are impossible or hardly possible using other production techniques. In addition, you can choose whether you want to make a single-walled or double-walled product.


2.  Fast, affordable mould construction

We have our own mould making department and have more than 15 years of experience. The close cooperation between design, technology and production saves time and costs. In addition, the moulds used in rotomoulding are usually made of aluminum, making the production of these moulds faster and more affordable compared to other techniques. Producing multiple moulds to increase production capacity is no problem for us. In addition, you need only one party for turning your idea into an end product. This also ensures that your idea or innovation remains safely in your possession. Pentas is not depending on third parties in development process, which guarantees your secrecy. A typical lead-time for new moulds is only 4 to 10 weeks, depending on size and complexity. This mould is then suitable for producing thousands of parts


3.  Easily add inserts

Working with inserts is more efficient when using rotomoulding than compared to other techniques. Metal inserts or threaded inserts can easily be added in the rotational moulding process and offer a cost efficient, durable and stable solution compared to alternative production techniques.


4.  Large products are possible

With the rotomoulding process we can make large products for you. Plastic products with a length of 4.20 meters? A tank of 6500 liters? We can make that for you. Everything from 300 grams up to a maximum of 300 kilograms can be rotated for you. More uniform and with higher strength and durability compared to other methods such as blow moulding, injection moulding and thermoforming.


5.  Lower entry in terms of numbers

At Pentas, rotation moulding is possible starting at 300 pieces per year. As a result, this method offers a lower entry than competing techniques such as injection moulding or blow moulding. This is partly due to the lower investment costs involved in producing a mould.


6.  In every conceivable colour

Mixing dyes for rotomoulding is very simple. This allows us to realize almost every conceivable colour for you without having to purchase large quantities. We mix the colours in-house, so let us know what colour plastic you want and we will take care of it.


7.  Optimal traceability

Do you want to integrate serial numbers or even barcodes into your products? We can do that for you. Already in the rotomoulding process, making the quality better than that of standard stickers and labels. Using laser technology, we engrave the unique code in the product, so that it can be traced forever, all the way to the end client.


8.  Perfect surface finish

Would you like a high gloss finish or a detailed texture? Rotomoulding can do it all. Because of the perfect control over the final surface of the mould are we able to make any structure on the product you want. Your desired texture will be made in the mould surface.


9.  Durable and recyclable

Lastly, the products made by rotational moulding are easily recyclable. And in a society that is increasingly focused on sustainability, this certainly is important. Because the raw material used for rotational moulding is of high quality and the product is designed for multiple use, these products are not only good today, but also for the future.


Is rotomoulding something for you?

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