Rotational Moulded Packaging

There are different ways and materials to produce packaging.  The rotational moulding technique is ideal for medium-sized series of packaging. Through this technique Pentas produces all kinds of boxes; service kit boxes, cool boxes, as well as storage boxes for the purpose of slipperiness. In addition, Pentas does also create plastic pallets, drip trays, trolleys and luggage trays


Customized Packaging – Rotational moulding

In addition to these standardized packaging Pentas Moulding has extensive experience in the development and realization of customized packaging. Decades ago our engineers faced the challenge to create packaging for round fuel tanks that needed to be stacked on a pallet. A simple beam was created to transport the tanks efficiently and safely.


Today there is a noticeable trend towards specific customized packages that are recyclable or can be used frequently. A package from polyethylene (PE) respects both requirements. The high degree of design freedom, in combination with a substantially unstressed product makes the rotational molding process to the ideal manufacturing method.rotatiegegoten-verpakkingimg_0088






Customized product with a customized packaging solution; beam between fuel tanks for efficient and safe transport


If products can use a customized rotated packaging, the further procedure is simple.
You can come to us with an idea, sketch or drawing of the circumstances and / or the products. The Pentas project team makes in consultation with you, a design and optimizes the product for the rotational molding process. When agreed the mold construction department starts the manufacturing of your mold. This will be CNC machined from aluminum. If the mold has been released internally at Pentas you receive the first copy, including a measurement report for approval. After release we can deliver your package. Also as you wish, both just-in-time and just-in-sequence are possible.

op-maat-gemaakte-verpakkingRotatiegegoten verpakkingen