Welding machine

plastic housing for a welding machineThe plastic housing for welding equipment provides protection for the welding machine and also provides manageable mobility. With the housing you can weld undisturbed in various humid environments like ports, large factory halls or outside. Ideal when you work in contracting, commercial construction or at shipyards. The housing of the welding machine is a light weight, which makes the welding machine easy to move


Full welding machine with many inserts.

Sideview housing of Welding machineDuring the development phase of the housing for the welder machine is decided to build-in a fully working welding machine. In the housing is both the wire-feed mechanical as well as the power side being controlled from this unit, which makes it a fully working welder. In addition, the housing is also provided with many additional inserts / recesses which are co-rotated. The flexibility that rotational molding entails together with the inserts enables the pre-assembled welding machine parts to be screwed in easily resulting in saving assembly time and also in a lighter construction.


Housing is flame-resistant and easy to carry.

The housing is custom made ​​and completely flames extinguishing and fire resistant. It fully meets the Flame extinguishing standards according to Directive UL94. The latest version has an integrated handle that makes it is easy to carry. The housing of the welding machine is available in several types and models.


Product specifications
Dimensions: 1170x60x425 mm
Net weight: 15 kg
Volume: 200 l
Load capacity: 50 kg