Water tank

One of the most important rules of thumb in the rotational moulding technique is that always a hollow shape is produced. Therefore a tank lends itself perfectly for rotational moulding. Besides fuel, AdBlue tanks, water tanks, sewage tanks and toilet tanks, we produce tanks for various applications.Watertank produced for Claas We highlight the following product: a water tank on a self-propelled forage harvester.


The self-propelled forage harvester has a water tank for the purpose of dilute silage additive. This silage additive is also stored in a tank rotated by Pentas Moulding


Why silage additive?

Silage additive serves to prevent mined feed (harvest from the land) from overheating. These mainly concerns the two main crops of our country, grass and maize. Maize is a very energy-rich crop, that makes it a perfect home for bacteria and fungi. Therefore, an additive, for example, acetic acid, is added in order to prevent these bacteria causing overheating in the feed.


Roto-moulded tanks in forage harvester

The Jaguar 800 and 900 Series self-propelled forage harvesters are the flagship models of the German world market leader Claas. Also for Pentas, these Watertank voor de Jaguar-800-Veldhakselaarimpressive flagship models are showpieces. On a daily basis different rotational moulded parts are delivered just-in-time to their assembly line based in Harsewinkel.

Besides the above mentioned tank and silage effluent tanks we provide for these machines also a fuel tank set consisting of a diesel tank with an integrated AdBlue tank, extra fuel tanks, fenders, an air receivers for the motor and the housing of the ‘corn teeth’.


Why rotational moulding

Rotational molded watertank detailAll the above products are ideally suited for the rotational moulding process. No other process literally gives designers so much ‘space’. The space on and around the machine is limited. The rotational moulding process create products that can fill almost every cavity. Also the product series fit perfectly within the range of 500-5000 products annually.


Why rotational moulding by Pentas Moulding?

The distinctiveness of Pentas Moulding lies among others in the preliminary stages. Theoretically in the draft each and every cavity could be filled, however preconditions must be adhered. Conditions that are different for each product. We strive therefore for the involvement of our engineers at the earliest possible stage so that our knowledge and skills are already being used in the design process. This results in a smooth and well planned process with a clear win-win situation for all parties involved.


Professional support is added value

The support services in design and engineering is experienced by our customers as a real added value. Also our own mould construction is included. We work exclusively with CNC machined aluminum moulds to allow complex shapes and to guarantee the best possible spread wall thickness.

Rotational moulding internal mould constructionWith our own mould construction a continuous high quality standard is guaranteed. In addition it makes us also very flexible in planning, product optimization and maintenance. An additional benefit for our customers is that the whole assignment  is carried out by only one party therefore confidentiality to the market introduction is better ensured.

In order to be able to test whether the final product actually fits into the machine, a CNC machined foam model is usually used. This model corresponds in terms of external dimensions with the final product and is economical and relatively fast manufactured.

In addition, our project team assists gladly in obtaining various inspections. We also think along in terms of packaging in order to achieve the most efficient logistic plan.



watertank, now enable to trace itThinking outside the box – Traceable fuel tankss

The intensive long-term cooperation with Claas on one hand, and our high level of automation on the other hand, produces beautiful solutions. The question to give a unique number to each tank and to link it to the production log provides service for the customer as essential information for us as producer.

Anywhere in the world where an machine is active, by the use of the unique number, we can trace the entire history of the tank. From the batch of raw materials it is produced, the leaking test results, (operator) data, etc.