M-One Light

M-One LightThe “M-One” lamp is a creation of design bureau Mone light B.V. and developed by Pentas. The M-One is an unusual lamp in the form of a molar, more specific the wisdom tooth, which in the dental world better known as M1. The lamp is designed for dental practices but this lamp would also be the eye-catcher in many living rooms. The lamp is 90cm tall and has beautifully diffused light.



Production of the M-One light

The diffuse light is not an obvious result, but the end result of a close collaboration between the engineers of Pentas with the raw material suppliers who selected the most suitable materials. The materials are carefully selected so that a beautiful white finished product could be realized without any pollution. In M-One light a designer lamp in form of a toothaddition Pentas creates, for the production of the M-One light, the molds in-house from CNC milled aluminum. That’s why Pentas can deliver a plastic product that has flawless surface structure and high finishing quality resulting in a high quality product. Altogether has ensured that the “molar” totally glows when the light comes on and completely shows no holes.


Product Specifications
Dimensions: 600x500x900 mm
Net weight: 13.5 kg