Luggage tray

Plastic product filled with PU foamThese plastic trays are specially designed for transporting and storing luggage’s at airports. They are equipped with RFID tags which makes it is possible to determine where each tray is located. These tags are concealed within the product.



PU foam for stability and strength

The exterior of the luggage trays consists out of PE (polyethylene), inside this shell, by using a special technique, PU foam (polyurethane) is inserted to create extra stability and strength. Pentas has PU foammastered and further developed this technique and via their own foam machine applied it to products such as this luggage tray.


Meet your weight tolerances

In addition to the application of RFID and the PU foam also the weight accuracy of the tray has been of importance, by means of an automatic filling systems for raw materials Pentas was able to meet the strict weight tolerances of the customer.
Product specifications of luggage tray
Size: 1200x850x280 mm
Weight: 10 kg