Liquid tank

Liquid tank

Rotational moulding is well-known for the design freedom which the designer receives in the development of a product. This is well visible when it comes to the liquid tanks, which are produced by means of the rotational moulding technique, because for the designer it is possible to design and to produce the tanks to fit exactly in the unused cavities of a machine or motor. This creates optimum use of the available space.


Leak-proof liquid tanks useable for different environments and temperatures.

Together with the client we will sketch a picture in which the liquid tank should function. The liquid plastic tanks are designed in a way that they cater to function in the most diverse environments and temperatures. In addition, we test every product that is produced for leaks. We have developed our own leak testing system that allows us to determine whether the tank is 100% leak-proof. Within seconds, by means of this leak testing system, we test each and every product we create for leaks. Often tanks are also equipped with inserts for mounting and assembly parts such as level meters, handles and / or caps.


By using support moulds guaranteed dimensionally stable.


Producing liquid tanks is precision work, the tanks should, besides that they may not leak, also be dimensionally stable. By using support moulds we can guarantee the dimensional stability resulting in perfectly adequate and customizable liquid tanks. The liquid tanks are, among others, suitable for the industrial, automotive and agricultural market.


Product specifications of the fluid tank in the picture.
Dimensions: 400x200x300 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Volume: 25 l