Fuel tank

Plastic fuel tankIt is possible, by means of rotational molding, to produce fuel tanks with complex shapes together with high-quality. Pentas is specialized in producing diesel and AdBlue fuel tanks. This specialism goes further than just producing these fuel tanks, we also consider things like flush backs, ventilation and power distributions.


Guaranteed leakproof

It is of great importance that each tank is leakproof under any circumstances. We therefore work closely with the quality and safety standards that the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) has drawn. We also test every product produced for leaks, therefore we have developed our own leak testing system that ensures 100% leak-proof products.


With all accessories

The fuel tanks will be equipped with level meters, suction, pressure / vacuum valves, suspension systems and Plastic fueltank detailledother peripheral issues. Picking out the suppliers and the assembly of those parts can also be on our account. We can provide you with customized fuel tanks (from simple to complex) useful for markets such as the automotive or agricultural market.


Fuel tanks with complex details

The rotational molding process is known for its great design freedom, this is also useful when designing fuel tanks. For example, it is possible to design fuel tanks that are formed around the cavities of the vehicle. For the production of fuel tanks with complex details, Pentas uses a multiple mold in which the mold consists out of several parts to get the product discharged.

The molds for the plastic fuel tanks are produced by Pentas itself (making our own molds), for this we use our own CNC milling machines for machining the aluminum blocks to mold components. Through this possibility, we are capable to make high quality molds with a short lead.


Fuel tank 90lProduct specifications
Size: 750x450x310 mm
Weight 9 kg
Volume: 90 l
Fueltank 1400lProduct specifications
Size: 1900x410x1360 mm
Volume: 1400 l
Fueltank 300lProduct specifications
Size: 1400x800x600 mm
Weight: 50 kg
Volume: 300 l