Closeup plastic fenderAlso for SKU (stock keeping units) plastic products Pentas is your specialist. We are capable of developing and producing products with complex shapes that are directly useable for the assemblage of the product, so you can rapidly realize a comprehensive product. Besides the dedication and knowledge of our engineers resulting in an optimal product we also would like to collaborate with you on the assembly and logistical issues of these products which may occur.

For several clients we apply the Just-In-Time principle (JIT) which can lead us in delivering products two to three times a day, thereby the products can be used directly on the assembly line for the mounting of your product.
Pentas has developed a customized fender that is part of a tractor. A challenging task because the fender has a very unique shape and colour. With the knowledge of our engineers and the capabilities of the machines, Pentas has been able to produce plastic fenders to the wishes of the customer.


Fenders in customized packagingCustomized packaging

In addition to a challenging product and thereby coming logistics process Pentas also contributed with the client in designing the packaging. Due to the challenging shape and the large size a package is developed that can send the products safely.