Fender produced for ClaasThe rotational moulding process is particularly suitable for producing various types of fenders. The fender as shown right of this text is part of the rear end of the Claas Jaguar series. These fenders are double walled resulting in a very firm ‘panel’.

The fender, both on the left and on the right side fits in with the hood of the machine. This precision can be achieved only by means of CNC machined moulds. Pentas Moulding BV owns a state-of-the-art mould production lab with multiple CNC milling machines.

We also produce fenders using the rotational moulding process for tractors, trailers and the famous UNIMOG vehicles from Mercedes-Benz.

fenders in all possible colors

Just-in-Time delivery

For these producers it is essential that the products will be delivered just-in-time for the assembly on the assembly line. ‘Timely’ is nowadays becoming a less flexible concept. Too late is obviously not good, and too early creates intermediate stock which also does not fit in the modern assembly lines. Strict planning is therefore vital.

Our flexible EMP system, for which its design and maintenance lies completely in-house , is helping us. The required quantities of products for each customer are automatically loaded into the EMP system resulting in an accurate forecast and demand.

The last step is a smooth logistics process. In order to be able to deliver Just-in-Time customers come to load in every day or several times per day. Monitoring and adjustment of the production for the benefit of timely delivery is therefore included in the daily processes.