Cleaning machine

Assembled cleaning machinePentas has over 25 years experience in the cleaning machinery sector. Because of our experience, we know better than anyone else does what it takes to develop and design parts for these machines. The engineering team has the knowledge and experience in designing an optimal product, hereby can be considered the use of chemical resistant materials, size and shape retention and an optimal shape for storing liquids.



Pentas assembles the machines entirely for you. In addition, we have the experience in providing assembled products, thinking of inserts and assembled parts. We also test every product that is produced for leaks, we therefore have developed our own leak testing system that ensures 100% leak-proof products.


Guaranteed colorfast

Colorful plastic powderOur close cooperation with raw material suppliers additionally gives us knowledge about pigments to guarantee a solid product color. UV light and chemicals will, because of the appropriate pre-treatment for to the raw materials, have no influence on the product color. The color of the product is also randomly tested in our test center, this products will have an aging test in a specially developed machine to test the colorfastness.

Product specifications of the cleaning machine
Size: 700x400x400 mm
Weight: 8 kg