Clean watertank

Pentas produces clean water tanks for boats, buses and caravans, for which the numbers range from a few thousand to about 10,000 units per year. Additionally the storage capacity of a tank differs from a capacity of 1 to 500 liters. For each tank counts that it must be leak-proof and that the water that it is kept is clean and drinkable.


For the leak-proof storage of clean drinking water.

Each tank produced by Pentas is tested for leaks using our own developed leak proof system, which allows us to guarantee 100% leak-proof products. Besides that all the tanks are leak-tight, it is also important that the water, stored in the clean water tank is drinkable. Together with our raw material suppliers we select the plastics with the appropriate labels and properties for this application. Pentas herewith complies with the strict requirements imposed for the manufacture of tanks for the use / storage of clean drinking water.
Because of our experience with this type of products we know exactly what the critical points of a water tank are and how the tank should be optimally designed. We are happy to work with you!


Product specifications
Dimensions: 1200x800x400 mm
Weight: 8 kg
Volume: 110 l