Buoys and lines of balls

Supplier buoysInnovation sometimes occurs in industries / products where it is not expected, these balls buoys and lines are an example of this. In developing innovative products, ergonomics, aesthetics, production capacity and low production are complied. Through intensive collaboration in the design phase the opportunity arises to realize producible innovative products regarding your ideas combined with our knowledge and experience.
The buoys are visible from a large distance into the water and can be used for:


Marking swimming area’s in open water.

  • These lines of balls are optimally resistant to vandalism and they can basically remain lying during the summer and winter.
  • The balls are relatively heavy.
  • These balls are good to keep clean.

 Lines of balls for temporary use.

  • For the handling lighter balls are used
  • These lines can be provided with a fastening, by which the line can be easily putted out and be brought in.

 Shipping Marking.

  • These lines serve to mark water(ways) for shipping. This can be used e.g. with mills, dams or other hazards.
  • It can also be used for cables with floats to close off ports and river arms

 Lines of buoys.

  • Sometimes a line is marked by individual drivers, for example a (kite) surfing area or a strip for waterskiing.
  • There are drivers available of different sizes.


  • In addition to highlight the danger, it can be also used as a lifeline.

The buoys and line of balls for the buoyage of inland waters are part of a total system in which inter alia stainless steel or steel cables, cable clamps and rope are provided by another party and comes as a complete product.

Product specification
Dimensions: 400 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg