Air ducts

air ducts for long distance busesThe plastic air duct, produced in cooperation with Claas, Evobus, Unimog and among others, is an example of a product that has been developed and designed especially for the automotive market. Pentas has provided many customers with plastic products for the automotive market and also because we create our own moulds, we are able to create high standard products with challenging forms. We can supply flexible products with several inserts and we can also assembly them for you. In addition to producing air ducts we also provide(air duct) cuffs so that the connection pipe can be guided through an impervious structure.


Resilient to high temperatures

For the manufacturing of plastic products that have to operate under high temperatures, such as car, tractor or bus parts Pentas uses polypropylene (PP), and in extreme cases PA6 is used. Polypropylene is in fact, opposed to polyethylene, suitable for applications that are faced w ith high temperatures.


Flexible product as result of our own mold making

For the design of inter alia air ducts for automotive vehicles there has to be dealt accuratly with the free available space in which the product has to be positioned. Pentas can, by means of special techniques (eg. Multiple molds), design and produce products consisting out of complex details that can fitted exactly in the free space of your final product.

Air ducts in many shapes and sizes

Flexible Plastic Air ductsPlastic air duct