What is rotational moulding?

Rotational moulding is a manufacturing process used for processing inter alia Polyethylene or Polypropylene in plastic products. Examples are products like buoys, water and / or fuel tanks, toys, traffic guidance, fenders etc. The products of Pentas vary in their weight from 0.5 kg to 300 kg of plastic per product; see examples on our product page. The numbers of products produced per mould vary between 100 to 5,000 products.


How does the rotational moulding process works?

The rotational moulding process consists out of four phases, see image below. It all starts with filling the mould with powdered resin. The inside of this mould is the negative of the final product. Because each product is different, the moulds are specifically developed for each customer; we produce the moulds ourselves at Pentas by machining aluminum with our CNC milling machines.
Rotational moulding proces in a picture
When the mould is closed it will be heated in the next phase. In this heating process, the mould will rotate around the horizontal as well as the vertical axis. During this heating process the plastic melts and attaches itself to the walls of the mould. When the powder has molten and it is formed around the walls of the mould subsequent the cooling process can be started. The cooling happens in the next phase in which large fans blows air through the mould walls. When the product is sufficiently solidified, it will be removed from the mould and the rotational moulding process is completed, there is now a produced plastic product.

What are the advantages of rotational moulding?

Pentas Moulding is specialized in the design and manufacture of technical plastic products according to your specifications. The rotational moulding process, used by Pentas, has great advantages in which nearly all plastic products, that are partially or fully closed, can be produced. This is done with the highest possible flexibility and at low costs.
Pentas can, by means of the rotational moulding process, provide products with:
End proces

  • High level of flexibility and freedom in design
  • Low investment costs compared to vacuum moulding or blow moulding.
  • Batch sizes starting at 100 units per year.

Whether you deliver to consumers or to the business-to-business market, by using the rotational moulding process, we are able to produce a variety of products for you. This varies between transport containers and tanks to cases of vacuum cleaners and cleaning machines. An overview of the product range can be found in our portfolio.


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