We as Pentas are eager to maintain a mutually satisfactory long-term relationship. Our company offers superior value by remaining flexible and adapting to customer needs and requirements. With our competences we are able to make this promises.


Why you should choose Pentas?

Choosing the right supplier for your products is a critical succes factor. In making the right choice we will explain our strengths to you below

 Rotational moulding automized production  Rotational moulding internal mould construction  Fuel tanks

Making the impossible, possible!

Support the customer in every aspect

Expertise, we know what we’re talking about

Technological innovation has driven fundamental changes in the way Pentas manages its business. With the addition of sophisticated solutions, like automated, robotized fill systems, leakage tests on 100% of the tanks, our own ERP systems that tracks the product thruogh the entire process and standardized finishing lines, our operations have become more and more efficient every day and it is our customers who ultimately profit from this. Pentas turns your ideas into plastic, whether you start from scratch or if you already have finalized CAD files, Pentas will guide you through the entire process of developing rotomoulded parts.(One-Stop-Shop).
With our expertise we are able to optimize design, setting up supplier relations for purchasing assembly parts and raw materials, creating your moulds and keeping track of the latest innovations for your product. We will take care of all of this in order to be the total solution for rotomoulding parts.
Pentas has experience in rotomoulding since 1975. We produce over a thousand different products from multiple Sectors, and these products are used all over the world.
Besides our wide knowledge of products and sectores we build long term partnerships with our customers in order to deliver more than just a plastic product.


How Pentas creates your solution.

We think that in order to deliver the best products, one should be passionate about what you’re doing and knowing why you are doing it.With our team of specialists we try to make our dreams come true: Making plastic solutions that we and our customers can be proud of. By putting our customers first and investing knowledge beyond the rotomoulding business we are able to combine our experiences and qualities with your ideas to create the best products. We have organized this as followed:

Eigen team

Own development team

een projectmanager

One project manager that guides you through the total process

Pentas klein

And we do it Just-In-Time



Mal creëren

We create your moulds



We supply the full system


What we have to make this all possible.

In order to make plastic products and solutions, we make use of rotomoulding machines in combination with aluminum milled moulds, the best type of mould there is. We selected our machines very carefully, while focusing on quality, size and also the environmental impact of the machines. Besides the fact that we care about our machines we also find it of the highest importance that we have the equipment available. Because without a good foundation it would not be possible to create the best products. So what do we have exactly to make it all possible? We have:


rotomoulding machine


Rotomoulding machines

And more:

ISO 9001 and TÜV certified


ISO 9001



Milling machines

Rotational moulding internal mould construction


Skilled employees

Rotational moulding automized production



Years of experience

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