Employees share about Pentas

Good staff is the capital of a company. At Pentas, we are definitely aware of that. We have to do it together. The fact that our staff emphasizes and appreciates this sense of togetherness does us a lot of good. In our family business, we celebrate birthdays and engage in sports together. "I sense in everything that I belong at Pentas". Could it get any better? Without exception, colleagues with a passion for the job.

het gehele team van pentas


Assistant Salesperson

I just had my anniversary, I've been working at Pentas for 34 years now. You could say that I've grown together with the company. I was there from the very beginning. I worked at Ten Cate Rotomoulding, in the old building on the Indië site.

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Head of Human Resources and Quality Assurance

My father used to be a team leader at Ten Cate Protect, back when it was still located at the Indië site in Almelo. I had just completed my pre-university education (havo) and wanted to pursue a library training. At that time, I was a very shy girl who enjoyed burying her nose in books. However, my mother advised me to first pursue a training as an executive secretary.

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