Saving energy from the drawing board

Pentas Moulding from Almelo used the money-back promotion of the province of Overijssel for high-speed doors. But that is only a small measure when you hear what else the plastics specialist is doing to save and generate energy. “We have drawn up a plan enabling us to continuously work on saving energy,” says owner Marthijn Koorn. “And we also contribute to the energy transition in another way. For example, by supplying products for wind turbines. ”


From toys to agricultural machines

The family business started in 1975 with the design of windsurfing boards and developed into the specialist for the production of custom-made plastic products through rotational moulding. Think of toys, plastic parts for agricultural machines, flower pots and lamps and urinals. You can find Pentas Moulding products everywhere.


Pentas Moulding measures

A lot of energy is used when melting plastic. Pentas Moulding is already thinking at the drawing board about ways in which the process can be more energy-efficient. In this way, the designs are constructed as lightly as possible. A few years ago, a special rib structure was developed for which the company has even been granted patents. Marthijn: “Light construction not only costs less energy but also has benefits for the environment on all kinds of fronts. Such as less material and transport.” The company is also tackling the insulation of the machinery, which mainly consists of ovens, and has recently converted all lamps to LED lighting. In addition, it tries to keep downtime to a minimum. There are 1,670 solar panels on the roof, so high-speed doors have also been installed.


Main motivation

Pentas Moulding considers focussing on sustainability as obvious. “As a company, we feel responsible for contributing to a healthy environment. For society, our employees and customers. As they too find it increasingly important to do business with suppliers who pay attention to sustainability. And it is part of being a good employer to pay attention to the world in which we work and live.”


What are the further plans?

“We regularly sit around the table with our energy consultancy to see what we can work with. We want to install even more solar panels. We are going to check our compressor system so that we do not lose energy due to leaks, for example. And we are going to work more with machine monitoring to increase efficiency. Plenty of plans!”