Ad Bleu tank

Rotational Moulding of an Ad Blue tank

Just like with a fuel tank the design freedom that the rotational molding process offers, is an important aspect in the design of an Ad Blue tank. The tanks must fit within the available spaces in the vehicle.

ad blue brandstoftankPentas Moulding has gain extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and with just-in-time deliveries of AdBlue tanks. For renowned European vehicle manufacturers a wide variety of tanks are produced. Whether or not to be delivered as a complete tankset, which consists of both a fuel and an AdBlue tank.





Ad Blue halffabrikaat detail

Complete semi-finished product

Ad Blue semi-finished detailThe product that leaves the factory of Pentas is for our customers ready to be directly built in at the assembly line. When desired the tank can be equipped with a lockable tank lid, quality sensor, inlet and outlet pipes etc. The project team within Pentas Moulding that accompanies you as a customer, can also be entrusted with the procurement process (figuring out the right components and suppliers) to the purchasing process.


Ad blue brandstoftank1Leakproof

As the tanks are assembled directly, nothing can be left to chance. There will be a 100% check by the use of our leakage test equipment.




What is Ad Blue?

AdBlue-logoAd Blue is an urea solution in demineralized water. The liquid is used in diesel engines. In a special catalyst the liquid is injected, after which nitrogen oxides transforms to elemental nitrogen and water. To prevent sabotage, the tank has a quality sensor which checks whether there is actual ad bleu refueled. Pentas Moulding is responsible for the mounting of these sensors. Before mounting, the sensors are functionally tested for proper operation.


Which vehicles uses a plastic Ad Blue tank?

In the transport sector since the introduction of the EURO 4 standards Ad Blue is used on a large scale, this to keep emissions within the prescribed requirement. In agriculture, where many machines use the same engines as in the transport sector, other guidelines c.q. standards apply. The requirements for emissions from adblue landbouwmachineheavy equipment are laid down in the European ‘Stage’ standards which are largely similar to the US ‘Tier’ requirements making the term also become common in the EU. Since the introduction of Stage 3B / Tier 4interim Ad Blue is widely used.


Nowadays a variety of cars are also available with Ad-Blue tanks on board. For Pentas Moulding the truck, bus, agricultural and construction machinery are major markets, in which often plastic tanks and ad blue plastic fuel tanks are used


European emission standards (EURO standards)

The emission standards for vehicles is expressed in a EURO standard. The ground beginnings for these standards date back to 1970. Nowadays we have both a EURO standard for gasoline and diesel powered engines. The standard has several categories, depending on the weight of the vehicle. In the end of 2013 the EURO 6 standard is introduced.


Non-Road Mobile Machinery

While the plans for Stage 5 are still on the table the European Commission meets about the Stage 6 standard for NRMM (Non-Road Mobile Machinery). These include agricultural vehicles, earth moving equipment, trucks, barges and trains. The European “Stage” requirements are broadly kept in line with the US TIER guidelines. So we know Tier 4interim as opposed to Stage 3B and the Tier4final as Stage 4.

Rotational Moulding, also known as roto-moulding or roto molding, is particularly suitable for producing plastic Ad Blue tanks. Pentas Moulding supports the entire process from sketch to complete intermediate product> an fully assembled and tested AdBlue tank which can be assembled directly on your assembly line.