About Marthijn Koorn

marthijn on a rooftop

A short introduction about yourself

  • Native Enschede resident but not taught to speak dialect Twents.

  • Gained Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and business administration BK5, and obtained Master’s degree in technical business in the area production / logistics administration at the University of Twente.

  • Get excited from transforming complexities in comprehensive processes – both in life and business.

  • I am intrigued with challenging status quo, innovative solutions, cultures, and meaningful connections.
    Perfectionistic opportunist about cheesecakes.

Your role at Pentas

My partner says that I am like a DJ at my company – most of the times we share the same vibe with Pentas “audience”, sometimes there is a need to teach our people a new dance, and sometimes my track does not touch my “audience” and I create a new one (smiling).

My activities range from preparing annual financial statements to enriching relationships with customers, partners and suppliers, from developing an ERP software that our organisation runs on to refining cultures in various departments. Broadly speaking, I am busy with making bright future come closer to our vigorous present. In between, I balance my Pentas life with humour, quality time with myself and close people, food, art, and music – I want my colleagues to embrace this philosophy of balanced life too and I am doing this by showing a real example of myself and not only talking about it.

Why are you so excited about rotational moulding?

Pentas offers a competitively significant variety of products that we make – from water tanks for windmills to buoys for the sea. We even make luggage trays for airports and fuel tanks for tractors, just to name a few. Still, the best thing is when I walk down a street, in another country far from The Netherlands and Pentas – and I come across our own products – I feel like a kid at these moments, filled with joy and dignity.

In addition, rotational moulding is a niche technique, which means that a lot has to be researched and developed by our team for almost every order, with creative approach and out-of-the-box mindset. Therefore, our organisation is full of smart and innovative technicians who improve the present and build the future every day, which I think is impressive.

What are your other hobbies/activities?

Life is my biggest hobby of all, with its alternatives – running a marathon or walking the road to Santiago de Compostela. You can also find me on a motorbike on the Himalayas, floating on the Mediterranean Sea or digging my car out of the Sahara sand. Being on an adventure is something that ignites my soul and uplifts my spirit.

My energy also soars in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and ingredients can keep me busy for days. I enjoy aesthetics of form and taste, thus, it will not be surprising that I travel considerable distances to taste something unique to indulge my inner chef and to spoil my loved ones with rendering these recipes at home.

To sum up a rich list of my hobbies – I adore savoring experiences on my own and I love sharing them with my loved ones – those are two incomparable energies.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Pentas is constantly moving and developing rapidly, which means that Team Pentas does an outstanding job. I envision to welcome more talents and enable Pentas execute more thrilling projects. For example, we already supply products to renowned companies such as Claas, Daimler, Siemens and Hymer – this is an honor to be a trusted supplier for these business tycoons, and we confidently work on a plan on how to expand this list further.

In addition, we continue developing further in the coming years towards a CO2 neutral company and add other sustainable products to our portfolio. I am proud that last year we already developed products for fumes from windmills at sea and a hotel greenhouse for the cultivation of insects that will bring the protein of the future – I see only good reasons for fulfilling such projects onwards.

Plastic can be sustainable – we know how and we are on our mission to make a world a thriving environment for us and our descendants.