Week of Technology

This week, the Week of Technology provided a boost in the workplace. On Tuesday and Thursday Pentas was visited by primary school ‘de Tandem’ and primary school ‘de Letterveld’, respectively. During the regionally organised ‘Week of Technology’, a visit to Pentas is a must. Marthijn Koorn: “The organisation knows how to find Pentas every year. Fortunately so, because it is very rewarding for both students and staff.”

“It’s always fun to see what the children bring to the table with their open questions”, confirms his brother Wouter Koorn. “There were about thirty of them, but it seemed like a hundred.” Yet that is precisely what makes it so much fun. The children’s enthusiasm can be heard throughout the factory. Actions that are familiar and routine suddenly lead to big eyes and surprised cries.


Although the students spent only a few hours in the company, they saw all relevant places. The day kicked off in the renovated canteen where Wouter Koorn managed to attract and hold attention with both his knowledge and experience in engineering. The day gained even more momentum when the pupils were actually allowed into the factory, which had quite an impact on some of them. “They’re big”, they said in amazement, and yes, both the ovens and the machines, as well as the mould storage, can be called ‘big’, especially from a child’s point of view. By then getting closer to the machines, they also got an idea of how everything actually works technically, something that is, of course, not unimportant on a day like this.


Of course, the students wanted to experience for themselves what it would be like to work in technology. They were in for a treat. They were all allowed to finish their own piggy bank. They did so by staining the piggy bank, which makes the colour come to life. And working with fire… that was the biggest adventure of all. “I want to do this as a job”, they shouted loudly through the room. An exclamation we love to hear. Whether it is actually the case, we will have to wait and see. What is certain is that the students will return home with a better idea of what technology entails.