Schools visit Pentas during ‘Technology week’.

Once again, Pentas participated in Technique week. On Tuesday 5 November, students from Pius X College in Almelo stopped by for a visit. On Thursday 7 November, we were joined by students from OBS De Bonkelaar elementary school in Almelo. They could hardly believe their eyes!


Impressive technology in real life

Of course, the students already knew what industrial technology was all about, but taking a look behind the scenes made a lasting impression. This was evident during the tour of the factory, after Marthijn Koorn had given a general introduction. In the factory, the children were able to experience the practical application of ‘technology’ within Pentas. All those machines and materials: they loved it.

If you suddenly spot a collection of more than 1,000 moulds in a warehouse, it’s impressive to say the least. Just like all the sounds, smells and visual impressions that the children experienced as they toured the process from raw material to complete product first hand. They made all kinds of discoveries during the tour and were even allowed to touch the plastic powder.


“The tour was the best!” according to an enthusiastic student


Time to roll up the sleeves!

As a highlight for the students, they were allowed to process their own plastic product. In this case, a plastic piggy bank on which they were allowed to apply a name tag and eye and pigtail stickers. The result: a sea of colourful plastic pigs, which, of course, made their way home with the students. Whether the children really ‘join the world of technology’? Only time will tell but based on their first impression, the future is promising.