Energy efficiency for Rotomoulding firms

Reducing energy is an interesting topic for many rotomoulders, as there is a growing interest in Energy efficiency and the measurement of the results in this industry. During a convention in 2012 rotomoulders from Germany and Poland showed that serious investments in energy reduction can result in economic benefits.


Measuring results

The first step for considering energy efficiency is the measurement of it by simply attaching a gas (fuel) meter in the oven. Bill Spenceley (Flexahopper Plastics) argues that it is not necessary for large rotomoulding companies to buy different gas meters as the meter can be easily moved. If tests are showing economic savings you can always decide to install individual meters on each machine.

The meter needs to be large enough to accommodate the biggest oven and install unions on the meter’s inlet and outlet. When you want to run trials, provide an additional valve assembly of the oven so the gas can be redirected through the meter.  On a meter you can determine a base for fuel consumption. Therewith also log information about the parts being run, the time and data as well as the temperature inside and outside of the plant. Run simple parameters when comparing future trials furthermore you can expand measurement by measuring seals or damaged openings (door panels), air filters and with a thermal camera you can measure heat loss.


Possible solutions for increasing energy efficiency

Doubling insolation can be a simple energy efficiency solution as well as cleaning the oven as polymer is not only a possible fire hazard it can also build up over time and drain large amount of energy. The more you measure the better and continue the compare the efficiency after your improvements.

The engagement of employees is important as they can provide ideas for improvement. Another solution is the improvement of older machines, as the technology can be dated and energy efficiency may be low.

Monitoring the energy efficiency by Pentas is a continuous process!