Taking a peek during ‘The week of technology’ at Pentas

This year’s week of technology has taken an prominent place at Pentas Moulding. 30 pupils from group 8 of primary school ‘De Noorderborch’ and 24 pupils from group 7 of primary school ‘De Tandem’ came one morning to visit our factory. An experience that will not be soon forgotten.


Introduction and tour

At the general introduction, given by Wouter Koorn to the students, it was already clear: the children were interested and enthusiastic. Their enthusiasm 

increased heavily when they were allowed to enter the factory. The pupils were able to experience in practice what ‘technology’ at Pentas exactly means. A tour was giving through the factory, containing the many machines and raw materials.


The storage hall in which a stock of more than 1,000 moulds can be found also impressed them. The sounds, smells and hard work of the employees brought the process, from raw material to complete product, very close. Pupils regularly waved and called each other over when they did a new discovery. The fact that the pupils could get even closer to the work-process by allowing them to touch the plastic powder themselves made them even more enthusiastic.


“During the tour we were allowed to touch things!” Said one of the enthusiastic students: Layla.


Getting started with plastic products

Processing their own plastic product was clearly the highlight of their visit. All pupils enthusiastically put name tags, eye and pig tail stickers on their own plastic piggy banks. Many colorful pigs are the result of their visit. They take this, with the necessary knowledge and experience about technology and their thoughts whether or not they want to ‘get into the technology’, nicely home. For us it definitely was an experience worth repeating.


Marthijn Koorn: “It is nice to be able to show children what technology in practice can mean. It gives them an impression, so that, with this experience in mind, they can determine in the future whether working in the technique appeals to them. It also did something with the employees. I’ve seen a lot of smiling faces today. ”