High Pressure Cleaner

An example of a product within the portfolio of Pentas that needs to withstand high pressure is the cover of the high pressure cleaner. The cover of the cleaning machine, produced by Pentas, protects the electronics in the cap from the intense pressure of the high pressure cleaner. The plastic cover of Pentas has a robust look, which fits perfectly with the entire looks of the high pressure cleaner




Production capabilities of Pentas

The cover of the high pressure cleaner is a doublewalled product with double curved surfaces, wherein some areas the walls are very close to each other with very smaller curves. Also, the high pressure cleaner is provided with many inserts that brings little tolerance along with it. Consequently, the production of the cover Cover cap of the high pressure cleanerfor the high pressure cleaner can be described as a product that is difficult to produce. However by means of our expertise and experience, we have managed to succeed to fabricate the desired plastic product solution for the customer. That is how we apply the philosophy: creating your ideas in plastic.