Duurzaam produceren

Sustainable production.

Our employees, our product offerings, and the markets in which we operate, enable us to gain insight in several important social and environmental challenges. Delivering unique solutions to these challenges has become an increasingly important pillar for profitable growth and our reputation. In seeking to produce the best possible product for our customers also the environmental component is of importance.


Nearly all the remnant streams from the production process are re-used in the process, allowing the waste stream to be minimal. In the floor tile factory is even 100% of the waste streams recycled in the process.
Pentas uses environmental management, based on the internationally accepted ISO standards. With this we control and improve the environmental performance of our processes.


Why Pentas is sustainable:

  • Thinking durable from the beginning: In the design phase of the products (the start in the product development) economical use of material and material re-use are major requirements that we set ourselves.
  • We have no waste: almost all remnant streams from the production process are recycled in the process, so the waste is set to a minimum. In the floor tile factory is even 100% of the waste streams is recycled in the process.
  • Fewer and cleaner emissions: the CO2 emissions to the environment is reduced to almost nil in the recent years. During the last decade we invested  firmly in health, safety and environmental measures. The noise is kept to a minimum, and meets the most stringent requirements.
  • Longer life: by producing high quality products at competitive prices the produce products will maintain a longer lifetime which is better for the environment.

The foundation of Pentas Moulding is formed by a set of rooted values. Values ​​that indicate that we strive through our behaviour, product offerings and our acting to protect our fellow human beings and have a positive influence on the environment and the world around us. Issues as sustainability, recyclability and minimize energy consumption during production process are our priorities. Our working methods thereby also belong to the cradle to cradle thinking.