Our mould construction gives you an advantage


A good product cannot be created without good tools. That’s why we make our moulds at Pentas preferably self. We design and manufacture the mould in house, this for the benefit of a high quality end product.

All moulds are designed by our CAD and CNC machined from aluminium. The big advantage is the high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface structure that can be achieved. Moreover, we ensure that your moulds, between the different production orders, remain in optimum condition. We therefore ensure a maximum return on your investment. That’s the advantage we offer thanks to our knowledge and experience of mould construction.


Different types of moulds

  • CNC machined aluminium moulds: the meticulous computer-controlled milling aluminium mould can be created extremely precise. This ensures the highest quality.
  • Cast aluminium moulds: ideal for prototyping or if you have do not have any aesthetic requirements.
  • Steel moulds: suitable for large parts for which low quality and design flexibility is required.


The details of our mould construction

We have eight CNC milling machines available for mould construction. Of these there are six five-arm and two three-arm milling machines. We are machining aluminium and build moulds around two times per week, with a range of dimensions between 50 cm to 2.5 meters. Only the CNC moulds we create in-house. The other methods of mould construction are contracted out to experts in our network.


Why we only build CNC moulds

  • Matrijs in gebruikIt is a cost effective method for complex moulds.
  • This type of mould construction is suitable for both large and small moulds.
  • The cavities as well as the shape and the surface can be formed very accurately.
  • It is a quick way to build moulds.
  • CNC moulds are well suited for high volumes at lower costs.
  • There are in many ways to finish them.
  • Design changes are easy to implement.


The mould construction of Pentas moulding

In the mould construction of Pentas our specialists work with eight CNC milling machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to aluminium machining for making rotational moulds. Through this capacity we are able to switch easily from idea to product, Pentas creates two to three new moulds each week.




Milling machines

Matrijs met eindresultaat


New moulds per week


Want to learn more about our mould construction?

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