Pentas further expands machine park

new rotational moulding machine

Mid-September 2021, we will receive and install a new rotational moulding machine from Reinhardt out of India. This will be an extension of our existing machine park, in total we will then be working with ten rotational moulding machines. This expansion will further support us in the growth we have undergone in recent years.


Durable and safe

When purchasing this new machine, sustainability was a top priority. The new machine is equipped with a combustion engine that has a high efficiency, which makes it very economical. In addition, an insulating material has been used on the oven walls that enables the oven to reach maximum temperatures of ±350 ˚C, while you can simply put your hand on the outside of the oven.


Expansion of production capacity and workforce

With the new machine, we, as a company, are ready to steer further growth in the right direction. We therefore opt for an expansion of the production capacity for large products, with a maximum diameter of 2.5 m and a height of 2.8 m.

The rotational moulding machine will operate in three shifts, five days a week. For this we are still looking for employees to operate the oven (in three shifts), but also employees to process the products during the day shift. So, we are not only expanding our production capacity, but also our workforce.


Curious about the possibilities in the field of rotational moulding?

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new rotational moulding machine