Reliable moulds within the cycle and lifespan

Based on your final 2D and 3D CAD drawings of the plastic rotational moulding product, Pentas will start its feasibility study of the product as well as development and manufacturing of the mould. Pentas has its own mould construction department and works with an international network of mould makers to guarantee the right quality/price ratio and risk distribution.

The moulds are built according to the standards and specifications provided by Pentas. In order to realise the desired product launch for you, a transparent planning is drafted. The necessary automation and associated production tooling will be arranged in parallel to mould construction.

If desired, we can receive the rotational mould together with you. Once the mould is completed, it is tested during an extensive production run. After delivering the zero series and upon approval of the product, the mould will be released for production. This part of the process can be extended to an entire PPAP.